One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
by Dale Wasserman from the novel by Ken Kesey

This is an amateur production by arrangement with Samuel French Limited

The play “One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” by Dale Wassermann is based on the novel by Ken Kesey. Set in 1963 in Oregon, USA it looks at the themes of natural versus institutional care and the battle of nonconformity against autocratic authority.

This play will cover a roller coaster of emotions and does deal with themes of an adult nature and contains strong language.

With a few months left in his sentence, thirty-eight year old convict Randall Patrick McMurphy - serving time for several assaults and statutory rape has just been transferred from a labour camp associated with Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution in Pendleton to a psychiatric hospital. McMurphy has been able to use acting "crazy" - having a belligerent and smart-alecky attitude and anti-authoritarian behaviour - to his benefit in not having to do any work. He is at the hospital as the authorities at Pendleton want him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to prove he is not crazy, they believe he is acting to get out of work. He believes this stint will get him out of any more work while he serves out the remainder of his sentence.

He is placed in a ward with a group of men who have differing degrees of lucidity and control of their mental faculties. In charge of the ward is Nurse Ratched who keeps control of her patients by breaking their spirit and setting them against each other. When Mac sees how submissive the patients are under Head Nurse Ratched's tyrannical control, he resolves to antagonize her and undermine her authority as much as possible. In his battle with Nurse Ratched, Mac eventually tries to help the men get a voice of their own while in the hospital, and for some, their eventual return to the outside world. But at what cost to himself?

Produced & Directed by Simon Carney, assisted by Maggie Allsopp

Production dates : 11th to 14th May 2016

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The Patients
Chief Bromden : Orion Abbot-Davies
Dale Harding : Ross Brown
Billy Bibbit : Ross Arnott
Scanlon : Milo Cridge
Cheswick : Andrew Stubbs
Martini : Pete Williamson
Ruckley : Rhys Jenkins
Randle P. McMurphy : Grant McCotter
The Staff
Aide Warren : Joe Moore
Aide Williams : Dan Williamson
Dr. Spivey : Julian Hinton
Nurse Ratched : Nicky Shipton
Nurse Flinn : Sammy Mountford
Aide Turkle : Tim Ball
Candy Starr : Kayleigh Rose
Sandra : Andrea Robertson

Backstage crew

Stage Managers :
Asst. Stage Manager : Will Wrighton
Set Design : Phil Lovell, Caitlin Clarke
Set Decor : Caitlin Clarke
Set Construction : Phil Lovell, Rob Owen, Craig Earby
Lights : Rob Owen & Dan Harvey
Sound : Stephen Bashford
Costumes : Lin Bowden & Karen Smith
Props : Pauly Milton, Sarah Savage & Lucy Cragg
Special Effects : Debbie Bashford
Make-Up :
Prompt : Wendy Whittle
Programme Design : Rob Creer
Box Office : Sarah Dixon
Front of House : Jane Williamson assisted by members of Sodbury Players & SPYS