The Perfect Murder
by Hugh Janes

Adapted from a story by Jeffrey Archer

Produced & Directed by Roy Whitlow.

Production dates : 21st - 24th May 2003

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John Hoskins (accountant; middle aged) : Steve Crump
Elizabeth Hoskins (John's wife; two years younger) : Marion Whitlow
DI Simmons (age 45-55) : Mark Graves
"Skipper" (Sgt Davies, DI Simmons' colleague; middle aged) : Keith Cox
Maria (the victim's cleaner, a witness; late fifties) : Karin Davies
Paul Menzies (the accused; mid-forties) : Rob Creer
Alan (an executive colleague of John's; younger than John) : Richard Cottle
Sir Humphrey Mountcliff (Councel for the Prosecution; 50-70) : Stan Ward
Judge (Mrs Justice Buchanan; 50-65) : Lin Bowden
Scott QC (Counsel for the Defence; 40-60) : Duncan Collins
Clerk (Mr or Mrs Green; any age) : Claire Taylor
Dr Mallins (Home Office pathologist; middle-aged) : Jane Elliot
Court Usher : Megan Neate
Articled Clerk : Simon Owen
Journalists : Alison Ramsey, Dee Cox, Adam Morgan
Newsreaders : Siân Butler & Mark Seaman

Backstage crew

Stage Manager : Phil Lovell
Assistant Stage Manager : Will Wrighton
Set Construction : Phil Lovell, Rob Owen, Will Wrighton & other members
Lights : Tim Hunter
Sound : Stephen Bashford
Video Sequences : Stephen Bashford, Mark Graves
Costumes : Brenda Allen & Members
Assistant Directory & Prompt : Siân Butler
Props : Annette Crump, Debbie Bashford
Box Office : Norma Graves
Front of House : Norma Graves Assisted by members
Publicity : Karin Davies, Richard Cottle