A Murder Has Been Arranged
by Emlyn Williams

Produced & Directed by Stan Ward.

Production dates : 13-16th September 1995

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Mr Cavendish : Les Jones
Miss Groze : Sian Butler
Mrs Wragg : Norma Graves
Jimmy North : Tim Wrighton
Beatrice (Lasy Jasper) : Nicki Ives
Mrs Arthur : Maggie Allsopp
Sir Charles Jasper : John Osman
Maurice Mullins : Mark Graves
The Dumb Woman : Margaret Ward

Backstage crew

Stage Manager : Phil Oliver
Assistant Stage Manager : Rob Creer
Assisted by : Alisteyre Marmont & Phil Lovell
Props : Jean Daines
Lights : Tim Hunter & Mike Hardwick
Sound : Nigel Chambers
Box Office : Pauline Pincott
Prompt : Jill Hughes
Costumes : Diane Heal & Mary Ives
Front of House : Pauline Pincott & Members of Sodbury Players.

Synopsis of the play

The play is set on the stage of the St. James' Theatre, London between the hours of 8.15pm and 11.15pm on the night of Wednesday 26th November 1930 - Sit Charles Jasper's fortieth birthday.

About the play:

There is a legend concerning a murder once committed at the St. James Theatre - that a dumb woman will appear on stage and reveal the murderer. Sir Charles Jasper holds a dinner party in the theatre. Tonight he will come into a vast fortune. Should he die before 11pm his nephew Maurice will inherit it. Maurice arrives and engineers his uncles murder, then the dumb woman of the legend appears.

Murder Arranged Poster