The Lucky Chance
by Aphra Benn

Produced & Directed by Mark Cooper.

Production dates : September 1994

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Bellmour (in love with Leticia) : Mark Herring
Leticia (about to marry Sir Feeble F.) : Emma Smith
Gayman (in love with Julia - Lady F.) : Shaun Pullin
Julia/Lady Fulbank (in love with Gayman) : Katherine Hardwick
Sir Feeble Fainwood (about to marry Leticia) : Stan Ward
Sir Cautios Fulbank (married to Julia) : Mark Graves
Diana (in love with Bredwell) : Kelly Ryemill
Bredwell (in love with Diana) : Alex Houlston
Bearjest (Fop wooing Diana) : Ian Bartlett
Capt. Noisey (Bearjest's companion) : Kate Mattingley
Gammer Grime (Gayman's landlady) : Mavis Davison
Pert (maidservant to Julia) : Jackie Ward
Phillis (maidservant to Leticia) : Margaret Ward
Rag (Gayman's footman) : Norma Graves
Ralph (Sir Feeble's footman) : Sue Bridgeman
Dick (footman to Sir Cautious) : Jo Smith
Cheek : Laura Peters
Gingle : Liz Painton
Postman/Susan/Parson/Footman/Servant : Mary Ives
Masque Dancers (Young friends) : Andrew Allsopp & Emma Hyatt
Shepherds : Beckey Phillips, Jo Smith
Petal dance shepherds : Mary Ives, Norma Graves, Margaret Ward & Sue Bridgeman.
Chorus : Becky Phillips, Andrew Allsopp, Emma Hyatt, Laura Peters, Liz Painton.

Backstage crew

Stage Manager : Phil Oliver
Asst. Stage Manager : Phil Lovell
Choreography : Mark Cooper
Musical Director : Joy Cheverton
Lights : Tim Hunter
Costumes : Jill Hughes & Diane Heal
Props : Debbie Bashford & Nigel Chambers
Make-Up : Karen Gray & members
Prompt/Direction Assistant : Nicky Ives
Front of House : Pauline Pincott & members
Musicians : Joy Cheverton (piano), Paul Cheverton (violin), Marc Cheverton (violin), Mathew Cooper (percussion).