by John Morley

Produced & Directed by Norma Graves.

Production dates : 20-27th January 1996

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Prince Charming : Laura Peters
Dandini (his court chamberlain) : Louise Hinks
Baron Mum : Roy Whitlow
Maxie Mum : Ted Hughes
Minnie Mum : Julian Hinton
Cinderella (his real daughter) : Emma Smith
The Baroness (his second wife) : Mavis Davison
Buttons (his servant) : Mark Herring
The Fairy Godmother : Pauline Pincott/Jill Hughes
Grandioso (the major-domo at the Palace) : Nigel Chambers
The Town Crier : Andrew Allsopp
Minature (pantomime horse) : Debbie Bashford & Nigel Chambers
Clock Figures : Claire Hyett & William Wrighton
Elves : Deborah Adams, Sian Billingsley, Christine Cawte, Cheryl Johnson, Alice Lane, Olivia Litchfield, Emma McCarthy, Rosa Woodley-Burgess.
Huntsmen : Julie Bal, Victoria Bessell, Elizabeth Burrows, Julia Portingale, Sian Slater.
Villagers/Guests/Faries/Spooks : Maggie Allsopp, Sue Bridgeman, Dee Brown, Katerina Bull, Ruth Garner, Charlotte Green, Diane Heal, Claire Hyett, Emma Hyett, Nicki Ives, Ros Kent, Hillary Moss, Diane Owen, Liz Painton, Clara Shepherd, Clair Taylow, Marion Whitlow, Lee Willis.

Backstage crew

Stage Manager : Phil Lovell
Asst. Stage Manager : Rob Owen
Deputy Stage Manager : Rob Creer
Musical Director : Maria Jackson
Choreography (elves & huntsmen) : Dawn Sherman
Choreography (ball scene) : Mark & Deby Herring
Lights : Tim Hunter & Alistyre Marmont
Sound : Stephen Bashford
Pyrotechnics : Nigel Chambers
Costumes : Hilary Moss
Props : Margaret Ward, Jackie Ward, Jean Daines
Prompt : Stan Ward
Box Office : Tim Wrighton
Front of House : Tim Wrighton & Members

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