King Henry VIII A Brief and Unreliable History
by Geoff Bamber

Produced & Directed by Lin Bowden & Pete Williamson

The action of the play takes place in and around the Tudor court during Henry's early life and during his reign as Henry VIII. It is a modern twist on the well-known history of Henry but, as the title suggests, the portrayal can't be guaranteed for its historical accuracy!

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Cast List

The House of Tudor
King Henry VII : Ross Arnott
Prince Arthur : George Gerrard
Queen Elizabeth of York : Sammie Ball
Prince Henry : Rhiannon Williamson
Princess Mary : Amber Sharpe
Princess Margaret : Amy Bassett
King Henry VIII: Alistair Hector

The Suitors
King James of Scotland : Cameron Hector
King Louis 12th of France : George Ball

The Wives
Catherine of Aragon : Rose Eastment
Jane Seymour : Amber Sharpe
Catherine Howard : Emily Parr
Anne Boleyn : Fran Hinton
Anne of Cleeves : Cameron Hector
Katherine Parr : Sophie Reynolds

Other Characters
Queen Brunhilda : Mary Blannin
Serf : Rosie Riley
Lord Chancellor : Dan Williamson
Cardinal Campeggio : Ellen Gallacher
Narator : Briana Lovett

Backstage team

Stage Manager : Phil Lovell
Lights : Tim Hunter
Sound : Stephen Bashford, Julian Hinton
Costumes : Jane Williamson

Production dates

Wiltshire Festival (HJ10) (Swindon Arts Centre) : 11th February 2010

Avon Festival (Playhouse Theatre, Backwell) : 27th February 2010

Gloucestershire Festival (Playhouse Theatre, Cheltenham) : 6th March 2010



Avon :

Gloucestershire :